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About Us

Sarah Heward - Studio Director 
I discovered Pilates as a back injury sufferer. As a teenager I herniated 2 discs in my lumbar spine and by the age of 30 I could not move without significant pain. After just a few sessions my pain significantly decreased and I now live a normal pain free life. My own recovery led me to specialise in Clinical Pilates, my passion, and train with Balanced Body, Mary Jose Blom, Brent Anderson, Irene Dowd and Ellie Herman.

I am extensively trained in pathologies of the spine including spondylolesthesis, stenosis, disc injuries, joint replacements and kinesiology. I help injured clients regain their mobility and strength after injury, surgery or simply years of moving the wrong way. For the more athletic client our group classes will challenge you in ways you never imagined. Try it. I know we can help.

Barbi Fury - Senior Instructor

Barbi loves working with clients at all levels, from beginner through advanced, but her specialty is working with the injured client whether that client is dealing with a chronic physical condition or more recent acute injury. She enjoys the challenge of evaluating the physical body when it is not working in an efficient and balanced fashion and then devising a plan that will help to stabilize, strengthen, and regain healthy functional movement to the injured area and balance to the whole body.

Barbi was trained and fully certified through the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC and holds additional certifications in Prenatal Pilates, Pilates and Osteoporosis, and Post-Surgical Breast Cancer Pilates. Her understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and common injuries will make even the most hesitant client feel confident that they can have a safe movement experience while building strength, balance, coordination, and body awareness during a class or private session.

Dave Gilheany - Instructor

Davey G found Pilates during a challenging life transition. It didn't take many Pilates sessions for him to fully realize the powerful mind-body connection at the heart of the Pilates Method. The practice of Pilates had quite an impact on Dave.  Not only did it pull him out of what he describes as a "deep spiritual funk", it is the only thing that has alleviated 16 years of chronic lower back pain.

The Pilates Method has given Dave a healthier spine, and a much improved attitude, helping to breathe new life into his hobbies and passions. Besides Pilates, Dave's passions include a love for all things physical, such as mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and his latest hobby, whitewater kayaking. Inspired by the profound and empowering affect of PIlates, Davey G wanted to share his experience with others. 

Honoring this, he trained with the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC and began teaching.  He is driven by his wish to help others, bringing enthusiasm and a love of movement to Pilates sessions.

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