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With its roots in rehabilitation, Pilates is a safe and effective form of exercise.  The classical repertoire of over 500 exercises can be modified for every body type, shape and age.  We regularly work with injuries, pre and post surgical clients, or those looking for a workout that never gets boring and never gets easier!  HardCore Pilates is pleased to offer the following services:

Group Mat, Reformer,and Springboard Instruction
Our group classes are kept deliberately small to ensure quality instruction. Classes are fun and always challenging!

Private and Duet Appointments 
Book an appointment convenient to you and our instructors will tailor a session specific to your needs or requirements.

Pre and Post Natal
As you progress throughout your pregnancy your needs change. Pilates during and after pregnancy is a safe and effective way of strengthening and stretching the body. Work with one of our experienced instructors to help you feel strong and healthy during this wonderful time.

Clinical Pilates 
Our instructors are experienced in dealing with pre and post surgical or injured clients. Pilates safely reconditions the body using resistance to stabilize the joints. Common injuries we see are back, shoulder, knee or hip dysfunctions, pre and post surgical recovery. In almost all cases we can provide relief to your symptoms whilst we gently strengthen muscles and correct movement patterns.

TRX Suspension Training
Designed by an ex Navy Seal, the TRX System uses suspended straps to challenge the bodies balance and strength. Our instructors are certified in TRX Sports Medicine; a program designed specifically for rehabilitation and stabilization.  Or try a session just for fun. We promise you've never done anything like it before!

Athletic Conditioning
We regularly work with runners, cyclists, dancers and athletes from various disciplines. Pilates creates a balanced body and total body strength helping to prevent injury and increase endurance. We will design a program to compliment your fitness regimen, helping to keep you working more efficiently.

Our instructors are fully certified and insured. 
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